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関係代名詞 語順Quizにチャレンジ

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関係代名詞 語順Quiz



1. The singer [ on TV / is / met / today / I ].


2. I [ a / very tall / girl / was / who / saw ]. 


3. Friends [ who / are / other / people / each / help ], aren’t they? 


4. She doesn't [ I / the sandwich / bought / like ].


5. There’s [ very early / that / a convenience store / closes ]. 


6. We’re looking [ can / for / speak / who / either Japanese / someone ] or English. 


7. [ the course / everything / from / learned / was / very useful / I ].

8. The [ for me / that / package / today / arrived / is ]. 


9. Don't you [ the guy / we / there / remember / met ]?


10. I’m [ my dad / wearing / me / shirt / gave / a ]. 






1. The singer I met today is on TV.(私が今日出会った歌手がテレビに出ています)

名詞The singerに説明文I met today「私が今日出会った」をくっつけたものです。



The singer is on TV. とI met 目的語the singer today.を1文にしたものです。

目的語the singer →目的格の関係代名詞who

The singer (目的格の関係代名詞whoの省略)I met today is on TV.


2. I saw a girl who was very tall. (僕はとても背の高い女の子を見かけました)

I saw a girl.と主語She was very tall.を1文にしたものです。

主語She → 主格の関係代名詞who


3. Friends are people who help each other, aren’t they? (友達というのはお互いに助け合う人のことだよね)

Friends are people, aren't they?と主語They help each other.を1文にしたものです。

主語They → 主格の関係代名詞who


4. She doesn't like the sandwich I bought.(彼女は僕が買ったサンドイッチが好きではありません)

名詞the sandwichに説明文I bought「僕が買った」をくっつけたものです。



She doesn't like the sandwich.とI bought 目的語the sandwich.を1文にしたものです。

目的語it →目的格の関係代名詞that

She doesn't like the sandwich(目的格の関係代名詞thatの省略)I bought.


5. There’s a convenience store that closes very early. (とても早く閉まるコンビニがあります)

There's a convenience store.と主語It closes very early.を1文にしたものです。

主語It → 主格の関係代名詞that


6. We’re looking for someone who can speak either Japanese or English. (誰か日本語か英語が話せる人を私たちは探しています)

We're looking for someone.と主語He/She can speak either Japanese or English.を1文にしたものです。

主語He/She → 主格の関係代名詞who

*either A or B「AかBのどちらか」


7. Everything I learned from the course was very useful.

名詞Everythingに説明文I learned from the course「そのコースで僕が学んだ」をくっつけたものです。



Everything was very useful.とI learned 目的語it from the course.を1文にしたものです。

目的語it →目的格の関係代名詞that/which

Everything(目的格の関係代名詞that/whichの省略)I learned from the course was very useful.


8. The package that arrived today is for me. (今日届いた小包は私宛てです)

The package is for me.と主語It arrived today.を1文にしたものです。

主語It → 主格の関係代名詞that


9. Don't you remember the guy we met in Hawaii?(ハワイで会ったあの人を覚えていないの?)

名詞the guyに説明文we met in Hawaii「私たちがハワイで会った」をくっつけたものです。



Don't you remember the guy?とWe met 目的語the guy in Hawaii.を1文にしたものです。

目的語the guy →目的格の関係代名詞who

Don't you remember the guy(目的格の関係代名詞whoの省略)my dad gave me.


10. I’m wearing a shirt my dad gave me. (お父さんがくれたシャツを着ています)

名詞a shirtに説明文my dad gave me「お父さんが私にくれた」をくっつけたものです。



I'm wearing a shirt.とMy dad gave me 目的語the shirt.を1文にしたものです。

目的語the shirt →目的格の関係代名詞that

I'm wearing a shirt(目的格の関係代名詞thatの省略)my dad gave me.




Thanks for reading.